Anonymous said: God bless you for understanding that it will all end the way it's suppose to and either will do nicely.
I replied:

Thank you anon! Lol

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Okay so I’ve previously posted before how I take the position of a Caryler. I’ve given more consideration into Bethyl and think that Beth and Daryl could work too. That doesn’t mean that I don’t ship Caryl too. I believe that Daryl would be great with Beth or Carol. Whoever he ends up with, IT’LL BE RIGHT. TWD knows what they’re doing. Carol and Daryl are cut from the same cloth therefore they share a special bond that we’ve seen since S2. Daryl obviously feels sensitively for Carol and cares for her deeply. But that could just be it. No romance intertwined. I never saw any possible romance between Beth and Daryl until S4 when they’re stuck together. When I first saw the episode I saw more of a brother/sister bond. Daryl also cares for Beth and wants to protect her. After reading some arguments made by Bethylers I could see a possible romance forming between the two. Beth offers optimism to Daryl while he offers her strength. I don’t think the age gap matters on a zombie apocalypse lol. Whoever Daryl ends up with will be the right one. He cares deeply for both Beth and Carol.

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